Shopping Therapy

Since I was a little girl, I have always found shopping to be therapeutic. I usually go shopping every time I go through a break up or am feeling lost. It is something that cheers me up and gets my mind off of my silly problems. It helps me to stop overthinking every little thing in my life and regain perspective.

I will walk into a store and start putting outfits together and dreaming about the places I could wear them. There is something so refreshing about buying new things, maybe it inspires a newness within me too.

The joy and relief that I receive, makes me feel empowered to pick my self up and get through whatever the day may bring. Whether it is shopping, cleaning, exercising, or binge watching Netflix that helps you to destress, we must remember that the bad seasons in our lives are just that, seasons.

Personal growth can be uncomfortable, lonely, and painful but it produces strength, wisdom, and beauty. It could be that shopping gets me out of the house, out of isolation, and back into the world.

But shopping has a way of lifting my spirits and my attitude, and reminding me that I can overcome whatever I am going through. So if you are feeling down or discouraged, maybe it’s time to go shopping?

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