Wedding Guest Outfits For Couples

Wedding season is the best, I just love it! There is so much love and romance in the air. It is a time that brings people together to celebrate love and commitment, and I’m not sure there is anything better than that!

While my friends are starting to get married, I am still trying to figure out what this next phase of life even means. So it’s not time for me to dream about what I will wear to my wedding but what I will wear to my friends’ weddings! (when I’m not a bridesmaid)

What should I wear:

Since It is summer time, I want to wear a fun color that shows off my personality and makes a statement. I want a versatile style that could be dressed down or dressed up. I also want a flattering and feminine fit.

Another priority for me is a good dancing dress! A dress that won’t hold me back, make me self-conscious, or have annoying features. Examples of annoying features are when the straps fall down or when the bottom of the dress slides up and you have to pull it down all night

So this is the dress that met all of my needs from Bluetique Boutique in Bloomington, Indiana. It was on the final sale rack, so It was 30 percent off and only 22 dollars! Yessss, I love sales! Mostly I love accidentally saving money because I didn’t even know it was on sale.

So once I chose my perfect dress, I grabbed a pair of Gold earrings to compliment the dress, but also my other outfits too. I usually like to be practical with my accessories and jewelry.

Shoes are the last thing I need to decide on. I’m looking for comfort, maybe 3 inches in height or so, and again something I can put with other outfits. Well, I found a pair of brown platform wedges that were so comfortable and a shoe I know I can wear with other outfits. They were on sale at Target for 16 dollars!

What should he wear:

My boyfriend is my plus one for the wedding, so I also got to dream about what he should wear. Since I want him to compliment my outfit, I thought about what colors would look good with this popping red color. I am so lucky to have a boyfriend that likes to dress well and who appreciates style.

He bought a light blue shirt from Express and paired it with Khaki Pants, also from Express. Since my colors are red, gold, and brown , he is wearing blue, khaki, and brown. I want our style to be fun and summery, yet mature and polished.

bae and me


What I learned:

The wind is not your friend! The A line style of my dress created some minor issues and I had to hold it down when I was walking around outside because the wind was blowing it around. That was the only annoying thing about my outfit and next time I will remember to take the wind into consideration when planning what to wear to a wedding.

I had so much fun planning what to wear for my friend’s wedding, what are some fun wedding guest colors and styles that you like to wear?

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