9 Staple Products For Your Cosmetic Collection


  1. Foundation

I use Loreal True Match Lumi liquid foundation in W4. I love that it evens out my skin tones and creates a fresh canvas to work with. As a red head with a lot of freckles, I appreciate the shear coverage of the foundation and that it doesn’t cover up my freckles. I apply foundation on my entire face and under my chin. I place dots of foundation on my cheeks, forehead, nose, and chin and blend it using a brush.


  1. Concealer

I use Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Treatment Concealer. I love the sponge tip for application and I will use a beauty blender or brush to pack and blend the concealer. I apply this under my eyes in a triangle shape and in my smile lines. When contouring, I will apply concealer below my bronzed cheek bone for added definition. I like using this product particularly when I am super tired in the morning and need to appear more awake. It helps me trick people to believe that I enjoy the morning time.


  1. Bronzer

I use Nars Bronzer. This product is more expensive but it has lasted me about six months so it is worth it to me. It is a dark bronzer which I like to work with because some days I like to do an intense contour and some days I just want a little cheek definition. I will use more pressure and more product to achieve an intense contoured look. I use less pressure and less product for the alternative. I apply it below my cheekbones, around my hair line on my forehead, on the sides of my nose, around my chin, and at my jawline and neck.


  1. Blush

I use Maybelline Fit me in Deep Rose. I appreciate the warmth and added color to my look. I like that I can use blush similarly to how I use my bronzer. I will apply less pressure and product for a day time look and more pressure and product for an evening look. I apply this above my bronzer on the cheek bone in an upward swiping motion.



  1. Eye Shadow Pallet

My favorite eye shadow pallet is the Modern Renaissance pallet by Anastasia Beverly Hills. I can use this pallet in so many ways creating many different make up looks. I love that I can use this pallet for day time looks as well as evening looks. I will usually use about 4 shadows in each look and this provides me with an eye look that makes me feel beautiful.


  1. Eyeliner

I use Maybelline Stiletto liquid eyeliner in black. I love the fine point sponge tip that allows me to apply it with control and precision. I will close my eye and keep it relaxed while applying top eyeliner. I try not to pull on my eye lid or squint while applying it and this provides me with the best results.


  1. Mascara

I use Loreal Voluminous Original mascara in black. I have always loved this product as well as the wand that comes with it. I like that it doesn’t clump and make my lashes stick together. I have good control using the wand to separate my lashes in the way that I want and add product for extra glam and fullness.



  1. I use Brow Wiz by Anastasia Beverly Hills in Auburn. I have used blonde tones or brunette tones in the past but I really appreciate having an auburn color that matches my hair and accentuates my gingerness! This is another product that you can use differently depending on pressure. I can use it to fill in my brows with less pressure and product or define my brows for a more dramatic look with more pressure and product.



  1. My favorite liquid lip color right now is Allison by Anastasia Beverly Hills. I love that this is a versatile lip color that can be used from day to night. I think the product is beautiful on all skin types and looks a little different on everyone. It sets with a smooth matte finish and it stays on all day.


These are my 9 favorite staple makeup products. Some of them I purchase at Ulta or Sephora and some at Target. I hope these tips were useful, what are some products that you can’t go without?

4 thoughts on “9 Staple Products For Your Cosmetic Collection”

  1. Love nars bronzer, brow wiz, anastasia liquid lip and loreal mascara!! I have tried soooooo many times to fall in love with L’oreal lumi foundation. I have tried different shades. I’ve applied it with brushes, beauty blenders and even my fingers. It just doesn’t work with my skin. The formula is great. Glad to hear you love it though!


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