Happy Lashes, Happy Life – Natural Lashes Remain Flawless After Lash Extensions

Are you interested in lash extensions but concerned about damaging the integrity of your natural lashes? I can totally relate to that fear as I have always loved my natural lashes but also wanted to explore the adventure of lash extensions.

All thanks to the expertise of Maria Matick of Lashes by Matick, after having the classic set and Russian volume set of lash extensions over a 2 month period, my natural lashes are still as strong and beautiful as ever!

My Experience

I was first exposed to lash extensions through Maria when she asked if she could use me as a model to educate a new lash artist on the classic set. Because I love Maria and was excited to step into her world and try something new it was a no brainer to say YASSS!

It was such a relaxing and fun morning, I wish I could start all of my mornings like that. Ya know being pampered, unwinding, surrounded by positive vibes.

It was especially cool to experience the process of lash extensions as a model so I could hear about the education and process behind it. We had so much fun together laughing and chatting about lashes and the beauty industry. My experience with classic lashes is pictured below.

My Concerns

One of my biggest fears about getting lash extensions was potentially damaging my natural lashes. I really love my natural lashes but thought it would be fun to explore the life of having glam lashes full time, so I was open to pursuing something that Maria is so passionate about.

I also enjoy supporting other entrepreneurs and trying new things so I knew it was a good decision.

Another concern I had was letting go of mascara. My eyelashes are naturally blonde so i have always loved mascara as a tool to show off my long lashes. I was worried about the way it would look to have blonde lashes and black eyelash extensions.

What Happened

I was able to still use an oil free, non water proof, mascara with the classic lashes so it was an easier transition for me. It comforted me to know I was able to step into the glam world but not completely let go of my mascara addiction, Loreal Voluminous specifically. ❤

My lashes were still strong and healthy after the classic set of lash extensions and it didn’t look weird at all that my natural lashes are blonde.

I Couldn’t Stop There

After experiencing the classic lashes, I was itching to experience what it would be like to have the Russian Volume lashes.

So I was blessed to spend another amazing morning with Lashes by Matick relaxing, being pampered, and surrounded by positive vibes while she applied the Russian Volume lashes.

Russian Volume lashes have that super glam, turnin heads, make an entrance, show stoppin kind of effect on people. Visual Proof Below!

Oh my goodness aren’t these lashes amazing??

I received so many compliments on my lashes which always makes me glow and feel so beautiful. I just love how compliments have the power to really change the trajectory of someone’s day.

The same concerns from the beginning were still on my mind while trying something new and getting the Russian Volume Lashes. But, I crossed over to the wild side and finally gave up my attachment to Loreal Mascara to have these amazing Russian Volume Lashes. It was hard to say goodbye, but it was totally worth it!

I am honored to confidently say that my natural lashes are still long, strong, and beautiful now that my volume lash phase has come to an end, hopefully only a temporary end though 🙂 Check out my natural lashes below, after receiving a classic lash set and a Russian volume set.


Advice From RedHead2Toe

Lash Care is very important!

Try not to touch or pull on your lashes. Brush and clean your lashes daily. Avoid oils at all cost. Don’t sleep on your face, sounds funny but it’s easy to do.

If you follow the lash care regimen then your natural lashes as well as your lash extensions will remain healthy, strong, and beautiful.

What Do You Think?

Do you prefer the look of the classic lashes or the Russian volume lashes?

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