An Open Letter To The Guy Who Stole My Phone


Thank you for encouraging me to be grateful for all that I have and right where I am. Thank you for pushing me to be fully present and detached from my phone.

As I have been learning more about social media and how to effectively use it, technology can easily become something I worship. Where I am checking social media or using the gift of technology more than I am doing anything else.

Thank you for the reminder that I don’t need my phone or social media. I truly needed to remember that nature has so much beauty, inspiration, joy, and peace to offer just the way it is.

This experience allowed me to be free from time, alerts, apps, emails, messages, news, reminders, and appointments. I was able to be present and focus on what was in front of me instead of getting distracted by the endless tasks ahead.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to go on a run without the distraction of music, and the isolation of headphones, because it encouraged me to pay attention to my surroundings.

Not to be cautious, but to be appreciative. Not because I am afraid, but because there is so much beauty around me.

Thank you for relieving me of the temptation to document my day on social media and inspiring me to live out my day to its fullest.

When I stepped outside to run, I will admit I felt a little vulnerable being alone without a phone. Especially after my trust was violated from my phone being pulled out of my hands.

At first, I felt uneasy being around strangers. But At least I can be comforted to know that they won’t steal my phone, because I don’t have one anymore. haha (okay, too soon)

I used to think of my phone as a tool of protection, to call for help, use the maps app when lost, etc. Now I see that it can also be a tool that invites danger.

Don’t worry, I took a moment to feel sorry for myself. I beat myself up and felt like an idiot for trusting you. But I trusted you because If I were truly in that situation, I would want someone to trust and help me.

Which a girl did help me right after she witnessed you taking my phone. Shout out to her!! Seriously. She deserves a letter too. haha

Quickly, I realized that bad things happen and people do bad things. That doesn’t make it right and it shouldn’t have happened, but it did.

I also recognize that it is not healthy for me to operate on defense all of the time. So, I let that mentality go, accepted the experience for what it was, and enjoyed my day. I smiled and said hello to every person and animal that I crossed paths with.

I met these two beautiful labradors down the street, that were playing inside of a fence. I shortly noticed that they were following my pace as they walked along the fence and as I walked along the sidewalk.

In effort to be fully present and appreciate my surroundings, I decided to sprint back and forth to play with them. They were so smart and raced with me from one end of the fence to another.

It was so much fun to tap into my childlike spirit. Also, the experience really improved my workout, which is a double win for me.

I truly am so grateful for this experience and the opportunity to reflect. I may not have had the discipline to put my phone down and get rid of the distractions if it weren’t for you.

I am thinking of you and praying for you, wherever you are. I hope you are inspired to find the beauty this life has to offer in the same way that I was. I am praying that you will experience growth from all of your experiences, the good and the bad.

All of this to say,

Thank you.

You can steal my phone but you can’t steal my joy.

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